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Puppy Paws LLC

Raising pet, hunting & show quality dogs from our family to yours

Your puppy will be vaccinated up to date upon leaving our family, dewormed, comes with an additional dose of wormer to ensure your puppy is fully dewormed, micro chipped, treated with Albon for Coccidiosis as a preventative (Coccidiosis is kind of like puppies getting worms, just one of those inevitable things that just happens, studies show that up to %50 of puppies can have this so we treat them as a safeguard), vet checked and a puppy training guide.

Our dogs and your puppies health is most important to us! It shows with how much care we put into your new family members with our preventive measures we put into your love bug!

Puppies can not leave our home until they are 8 wks of age. If gifting and your after the pup by a certain date and your pup of choice is not ready, we recommend wrapping a box of puppy supplies and a pic of your selected pup and gifting that, trust us they will be just as excited!

We do sell out quickly so to hold a puppy of your choice a $150 deposit is required, you can just click on the pay pal button on this pg at the bottom to put your deposit down, even if you don't have pay pal you can still use this button. Deposits are non refundable but can transfer to a different litter if needed. Placing a deposit prior to a litter born guarantees your place in line for picking out your puppy. We can give an estimate to when a litter in the breed you are placing a deposit on but can not guarantee exactly when the litter will arrive because no one can control mother nature, females heat cycles can vary, false pregnancies can occur, miscarriages can happen, etc.

Depending on breed standards your puppy will have his/her dew claws removed and tails docked.

Pups pricing depends on the breed, registration and coloring. Saint Berdoodles are priced from $1500-2500, Bernadoodles are priced from $1800-2500, Standard Poodles are $1200-1500, Labradoodles are $1000-1300, and Our Alaskan Klee Kais are $1100-2300

Shipping is available in the U.S. and Canada. Shipping in the lower 48 states is $350-550. Shipping to Canada is $500

For shipping we use a pet nanny that drives the pup to you or depending on availability we also use a pet nanny that flies your pup in cabin (inside the airplane with him) to an airport near you.

We feed our dogs and your puppies premium food, Feeding your dog quality food like this means that your dog will be at their healthiest they can be plus a bonus that they will eat less than they would on other foods, poop a lot less and when they do poo it will be small hard poops which makes life a whole lot easier!

We Use and highly recommend Bark Box! It is a pretty sweet deal that you pay a small monthly fee and get treats and toys for your pet worth double of what your small monthly fee is! Its a great way to spoil your pet and make sure you don't run out of treats and toys! We love it because than we never have to remember to buy new toys at the store, now their shipped rite to our door! You can sign up by clicking our button below to receive a FREE BOX! 

Click here to get your free bark box!

Another product we use and highly recommend for any pet owner is Pink Zebra Products! What is Pink Zebra you ask, it is similar to Scentsy but way better! We have used Scentsy and although it smelled good it didn't seem to last very long. We were recommended to try Pink Zebra sprinkles. We did and couldn't be happier. Pink Zebra is sprinkle soy wax melts that you put in your warmer to have great smells through out your house. It doesn't take a lot of sprinkles, only a cap full and it lasts 36-46 hrs . Here is a link to give it a try, I hope you love it as much as we do

Click here to get started with Pink Zebra

Puppy deposit