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Puppy Paws LLC

Raising pet, hunting & show quality dogs from our family to yours

Our Daily Routine

All of our puppies are raised and socialized in our home. Mothers and puppies have their own private room and whelping area. Studies have shown that keeping a quite mellow environment in the first weeks of life promote a healthier mentally balanced dog. At four weeks of age our puppies start adventuring around the house. They also have their own private clean room to play and exercise. Our farm has specialized areas for training, play, and working birds for our hunters at heart breeds.

Everyday is packed full of activities here. We believe in spoiling our dogs rotten daily with tons of exercise, daily training and treats! Dogs are taken on a several mile hike everyday, often the horses and cats even join. Our dog's get daily free rein on the farm indoor and outdoors, we let them decide on what they want to do, we have a river that runs through the property that they enjoy playing in, sometimes they like to just sun bath on our wrap around deck, and they even like to follow along for farm chores of collecting eggs, milking the goats and mucking horse stalls. Our poodles, Labs and Labradoodles are hunters so they go through routine bird training and the rest of the gang goes through daily training refreshers of sit, lay down, stay, those kind of tasks.

Our puppies are socialized to everything possible before they leave our family, so that when they arrive in yours they are as well rounded as possible, they get to meet the whole crew, chickens, rabbits, cats, horses, and goats, along with other dogs. Along with being snuggled by children from day one.

Depending on what day of the week it is depends on whether it is a routine maintenance of nail clippings, hair brushing, teeth brushing or a bath.